1. Pick one peer’s post and review. Then comment in no less than one paragr
1. Pick one peer’s post and review. Then comment in no less than one paragraph why you found the information helpful, informative, etc. You must present new ideas and/or thoughts. 2. A paragraph is considered a minimum of 400 words and 4-6 sentences. 3. Cite all sources - you must provide the exact link to the reference. Please keep in mind that citing sources does not mean you can copy and paste information from the source and use it as your own. You also cannot only change a few words from a source; all work must be in your own words. With employers there are non-taxable fringe benefits that the employee can take advantage of. Some of these are Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Retirement Planning Services, Dependent Care Assistance, Athletic Facilities, and Educational Assistance. With and HSA the employee can choose a certain amount that is withheld from their check prior to taxes. This goes into an account that can be used for any health-related services or products. Retirement planning services are offered by most large employers with a third-party company. Currently I work for a company that uses Fidelity Investments we are able to call them and discuss any financial questions we may have at no cost to us. Dependent care assistance can be an on-premises daycare for employees only. There is also a benefit where employees can choose to withhold a certain amount that goes into a pretax account. Later they can withdraw money from the account for daycare related expenses. Athletic facilities are exactly what the name suggests. Employers either supply their own gyms on premises for employees to use or they are able to get discounted/free access to other facilities. This helps to also promote a healthy lifestyle for employees. Finally educational assistance. This can either be a reimbursement of funds after a course is completed or the employer can offer free classes through a specific institution.

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