4000-word essay (+/-10%)Critical analysis and discussion of the selected case, a
4000-word essay (+/-10%)Critical analysis and discussion of the selected case, applying relevant theories and demonstrating sound understanding of related concepts in the identification and presentation of the outline of a strategic response to the issue/issues.Details of paper requirements:Choose a case relate to the education,not choose a big topic, need a specific case.You will need to have a case report something like a case report in the essay to tell the reader what is your case?what's your case issue?What is the scale of your case?why are you choosing this case? Why this is very important?You need to kind of scale it up what is called setting the scene.When you use mode(better to use more than one)to do your analysis, try to deep, not just represent superficial.You need to know where you are to identify your position is very important.This paper have to have those two part: Theoretical part Conceptual partTheories about what we learn in the classroom:(I've just listed a few here, you'll have to go through my class readings and study them carefully)- use themSwot Strategic map HumanitarianismYou will need to go through all the reading material in my class and not misunderstand anything and use them to analyse very well. It's important for you to show the professor what did you learn in this lesson and how well did you use it?The whole essay must be clearly structured, logical and demonstrate your ability of critical thinking. (Treat the reader as if they know nothing, and be as specific as possible in many areas, don't confuse the reader).We have talked about two school cases in class. you can go inside w7 and w8 to get a closer look. If you can find something in them that you want to write about, you can write about them too.The literature list must consist of half of the reading material from my course!!!

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