Capstone Project (SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT): *****Must be able to use SPSS to analys
Capstone Project (SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT): *****Must be able to use SPSS to analysis to data from the survey I created.***** (I will attach the survey results and you must be able to use SPSS)***** First I will need you to analysis the data using my survey results( I will attach) -draft due on 4/19- Second-Power point presentation of the paper is due BEFORE the paper-draft due on 4/22- Third-capstone research paper -draft due 4/28 Students must write a capstone research paper (20 – 30 pages approximately) on a this topic: How do strong emotions in a negative review impact customers' purchase intentions in the beauty industry? hypothesis: 1-Emotions have a significant impact on purchasing decisions related to cosmetic products. 2-In the purchasing process of cosmetic products negative emotions have stronger influence on consumer decisions rather than positive emotions. 3-Negative reviews are found to be more influential in consumer decision-making than positive reviews. present the findings to the class. Student must: - Use at least 20 sources (at least 10 of 20 citations should be scholarly journal articles)-**On the powerpoint I have some scholarly journals***(see attached) - Conform to appropriate page counts: (subject to change) - Include all five required chapters (see below) Chapter 1: Introduction. (3-4 pages) This chapter introduces the reader to the topic. It begins by explaining the topic. It then describes why the topic is a problem for Marketers and why the topic is significant to study. The chapter includes a section on the Purpose of the Study that begins with, “The purpose of this research is to…” and ends with a precise statement of the intended contribution to the understanding of Marketing. The section also includes, the definition of the key terms, and an outline of the study. Chapter 2: Review of the Literature. (7-10 pages) Theoretical Backboard (1 page) Hypothesis (2 pages) The review of the literature is a summary of the most current and directly related published research on your topic. The review of the literature ends with the identification of research gaps. A good research hypothesis is stated in the present tense (reflecting what you believe to exist in nature rather than what you will find in an experiment) and independent of the particular research design to be employed. The hypothesis should flow logically from the literature review, but a brief (one paragraph) rationale should accompany each formal hypothesis statement (i.e., do not simply list hypotheses without any explanation). Chapter 3: Research Methodology (3 pages) In the methodology chapter, provide a detailed overview of the research design (i.e. survey), including how you might measure the dependent variables, manipulations or measures of independent variables, the sample size needed and composition, procedures, prototype stimuli, and data analysis plans. Chapter 4: Analysis of Results (3-4 pages) In the results chapter, briefly summarize the hypotheses and your statistical data analysis. What did you find when you executed your methodology? *****Must be able to use SPSS to analysis te data from the survey I created.***** Analysis of Results ---- Report Survey Results ---- Data Visualization Quality ---- Data Analytics and Hypothesis Discussion Chapter 5: Conclusion (4-5 pages) Managerial Implications, Limitation and Future Research (1 page) This chapter discusses the “findings” of your research in the context of the prior literature. What exactly has your work contributed? How do your findings agree or disagree with the previous literature? In the conclusion, summarize your main arguments, share your findings, and suggest the key takeaways from your paper. In the managerial implications part, explain how your findings might be used by marketing practitioners. In the limitation and future research section, explain the limitations of your research. Then, provide some important directions for future research building on the present effort. References Identify all references used to support the Capstone Project. Note: Conform (exactly) to the guidelines discussed in class and outlined Use APA 7 style. Figures and Tables Conform (exactly) to the guidelines discussed in class and outlined Use APA reference style. POWER POINT PRESENTATION : (I will attach a sample power point) Present your findings to the class on a 10 minute Your presentation will briefly comment on related literature (what led to your study), your, methods, findings and how findings relate to previous literature, study limitations, and future areas of study.

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