Discuss and establish norms, best practices, and expectations. Please only write
Discuss and establish norms, best practices, and expectations. Please only write a page for the introduction I have started the introduction. Please write a page on lack of accountability. I have attached the rubric as well as the portion I have started Case Study: John and Mike work in the same department. Mike is a new employee and graduated from college in 2019. He and his family moved to the USA from Mexico City in 2010. John has worked at the company for a long time. Both John and Mike do the same job, have the same job title, and have to work together. John likes to do things the way they have always been done and can be very vocal. Because he’s been there so long and has seniority through his union, he thinks he knows how to do things and he tells others about it, whether or not they ask. John never graduated from high school and drinks several beers when he arrives home from work every night. Mike tries hard to follow company rules. Mike is a very quiet man and doesn’t talk much and has conservative values. Employees must clock in within 5 minutes of the start of their shifts. They are supposed to clock in at their own buildings, but there isn’t any way to check this. John always clocks in at another building so he won’t be marked as tardy. He always gets to his workstation at least 15 to 30 minutes late. At least a couple of times each week, somebody asks Mike where John is. Mike is tired of covering for John. He has kept it in for a long time and finally, one morning, John is 60 minutes late. Mike has to cover for John and several occasions. When John finally appears, Mike tells him he’s not going to cover for him anymore. John says, “Hey, I clocked in. I’ve been doing this for years. As long as you don’t say anything, nobody will ever know. Just shut the heck up and do your job.” Mike and John start shouting at each other. The team leader walks in just as it looks like John is going to hit Mike. You, as their team leader, notice the scuffle and ask both of them what is going on. Question: What are the key issues in this case study? How do you approach the issue from an Emotional Intelligence lens? How do you solve the issue? Evaluate, assess, and support the group's response with a minimum of two themes from class. An estimated 5-7 page response is required (not including cover sheet, abstract, and reference pages).

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