Discussion – Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains Initial post 250 wor
Discussion - Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains Initial post 250 words and 1 scholarly resource 2 initial peer replys *****I WILL UPDATE ORDER WHEN I RECEIVE MY PEER REPLYS. EACH PEER REPLY IS 150 WORDS, one peer needs a scholarly resource REVIEW Review the assigned reading and media to prepare for this discussion. Managing Boundary-Spanning Marketing Activities for Supply-Chain Efficiency (opens in new window) Blending Customer-Oriented Sales, Servant Leadership, and Biblical Principles of Servanthood into a New Sales Framework: The Serving Salesperson (opens in new window) (ATTACHED ARTICLE) Requirements Initial Post: 250 words / ONE SCHOLARLY RESOURCE RESPOND A successful marketing strategy can influence buyers both directly and indirectly. Additionally, distribution systems can benefit buyers. The combination of marketing strategy, distribution systems, and the process of making a product or service available to buyers is called a marketing system. Explain how marketing and managing the supply chain relate to each other based on the reading and your research (e.g. The Amazon Supply Chain: The Most Innovative in the World? (opens in new window)). (https://logisticsviewpoints.com/2018/01/08/amazon-supply-chain-innovative-world/) How do you think Amazon leverages their supply chain in relation to marketing? Research and describe a current example of a legal restriction that may limit a marketing manager at Just US! Coffee Roasters from growing the business. Conduct an Internet search using the following keywords: “coffee industry business licensing,” “coffee industry food safety,” or “coffee industry import/export regulations." Requirements Initial Post: 250 word min Response to two peer whos post are below. each peer reply needs a min of 150 words min.one of the peer replys needs a source. DISCUSS Post at least two substantive responses to your colleagues. Responses could include suggestions for further resources, questions of clarification, or providing context and insight. Avoid simple posts of agreement; if you agree, explain why, and then thoughtfully further the conversation. It is important to include at least one industry authoritative or scholarly source per discussion. Textbooks and online resources (e.g., wikipedia, investopedia, blogs, smallbuschron, online magazines are not scholarly resources) are not considered scholarly sources. Scholarly articles are peer-reviewed and can be obtained in the APU online library or through Google scholar. Requirements Respond to a minimum of two posts Response to Peers: 150 words / one reply needs a scholarly resource APA formatting where specified ***WILL UPDATE WHEN PEER REPLYS ARE RECEIVED SO YOU MAY ADD REPLY'S 1st peer reply reply here 150 word min (one of the replys needs a scholarly citation) 2nd peer reply reply 130 word min (one of the replys needs a scholarly citation)

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