follow the ‘IRAC’ formula in forming discussions. ‘I’ – IDENTIFY’ the legal issu
follow the 'IRAC' formula in forming discussions. 'I' - IDENTIFY' the legal issue 'R' - Explain the 'RULES' (the law – legislation/judicial precedents from legal cases) surrounding the relevant area/ issue 'A' - APPLY the RULES – the relevant legal principles - to the issue and APPLY legal cases to support the opinion. 'C' ¬ give a CONCLUSION to the issue. This formula may be used over and over again in addressing all of the issues relating to each of the parties in the assignment question. Follow Instructions and Marking Criteria. – you do not have to cite the secondary source where they viewed a case. You should only give the legal citation, not the website or book where they accessed details of the case.

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