(I will create the citations page, if you can please mark where you added the ci
(I will create the citations page, if you can please mark where you added the citations, that would be greatly appreciated) I have tried attaching the downloaded book on upload files, but it is too large. If you can please download it here on z-lib.org for the assignment: Governing Texas by Anthony Champagne, Edward J. Harpham, Jason P. Casellas LINK!!!! https://u1lib.org/book/5234736/823789 INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW: There are two writing assignments worth 100 points each. The purpose of these essays is to provide students an opportunity to discuss a key concept or topic in Texas politics and to show a basic understanding of academic research and reporting skills. Students should offer evidence for their arguments. Thus, submissions that are more comprehensive and detailed will earn a higher point total. Each assignment should be a minimum of 750 words. Submissions must include a works cited page (note: there must be a parenthetical citation at the end of each sentence that contains information from a source). The textbook should be one of the sources and included on the works cited page (sources other than the textbook should be used as well). You should use New Courier or Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spacing, and one-inch margins on all four sides of the paper. The assignment is to be formatted according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style which includes a works cited page but does NOT include a title page. Students should research this style in order to properly format the assignment (see the Purdue Online Writing Lab). All writing assignments will be analyzed using SafeAssign. Essays that contain plagiarized material will receive a significant reduction in points or a zero. Students may receive a failing grade in the course for submitting plagiarized material. Do not cut and paste information from an online source or copy information directly from the chapter without using quotations and citing the information. WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 INSTRUCTIONS: Select ONE of the following topics to answer for Writing Assignment 2. The writing assignment should be a minimum of 750 words. You should find much of the information you need to complete the assignment in the textbook, but you may also need to use additional sources (such as news articles or government websites). Make sure to provide a citation for all sources used in your paper. 1) During the 2020 COVID pandemic, Governor Greg Abbott was criticized by members of both parties -- by the Democrats for inadequate restrictions and by the Republicans (his own party) for having too many restrictions. In response, a constitutional amendment was proposed in the 2021 Texas legislative session that would limit the powers of the governor in a pandemic or other crisis. What restrictions on the governor's powers were proposed? What were the arguments for and against these restrictions? What happened to this proposal during the regular session? Do you believe that the governor exceeded his authority during the pandemic or do you believe the governor's actions did not go far enough? Be sure to explain your position in detail. 2) According to "Who Governs Texas' Cities?" in Chapter 10 of the textbook, which city council in Texas best reflects the racial/ethnic composition of its population? Explain how you came to this conclusion. Which city council diverges the most from its city's population? Explain how you came to this conclusion. Do you think it is important that city councils reflect the racial/ethnic composition of their communities? Why or why not? Describe an issue a city might face where the racial/ethnic composition of the city council might matter in resolving that issue. 3) Discuss how the racial/ethnic makeup of the overall prison population and the death row population in Texas compares to the racial/ethnic breakdown of the general population in Texas. (Review “Who are Texans?” - Chapter 13) What might explain the racial/ethnic makeup of the prison population in Texas? Which regions of the country have higher incarceration rates and death penalty usage? (Review “Texas and the Nation” - Chapter 13) What do you think explains the differences in the regional patterns of incarceration and death penalty usage? After reading Chapter 13, how do you feel about the fairness of the Texas criminal justice system? To respond to crime in Texas, should the state decriminalize certain behavior, reduce sentence lengths, invest in crime prevention (such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation), or build more prisons?

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