it is an argument on Shakespeare’s sonnet 55. The argument is that the person th
it is an argument on Shakespeare's sonnet 55. The argument is that the person that he is referring to in the poem is his son. I have to submit a 5-8 paragraph essay by monday April 18th I have already written a rough draft but I do not have any works cited, which I need at least 1 scholarly cited work other than my texbook. Is this something that yall do? It has to be MLA formatted Also, I am not sure how many pages is would take up. I am thinking 3 or 4 plus works cited page. The main things are per my professor it needs to be an argument not just a biographical recount of the sonnet or author. The requirement is 5-8 paragraphs with each paragraph consisting of no less than 5 sentences. I don't want a super long essay just a little over what is required is good. Look at files for more instructions.

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