Nursing theories are a collection of organized bodies of knowledge to define nur
Nursing theories are a collection of organized bodies of knowledge to define nursing professions and the scope of practice. Nursing theories define nursing as a unique discipline separate from other disciplines (e.g., medicine). It provides a framework of concepts and purposes intended to guide nursing practice at a more concrete and specific level. Conceptual models are abstract, psychological approaches to completing the task. A conceptual model is a set of relatively abstract and general concepts about those concepts that address the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Conceptual models and theories dispense structure for research. Researchers need a theoretical base to provide relevant information. Selecting a model or theory that would be the best fit for their area of study interest can be challenging for the nurses. However, the nursing profession is committed to recognizing its own body of knowledge vital to nursing practice.Virgina Henderson's need theory emphasizes increasing the patient's independence and focusing on the basic human needs to enhance the process of recovery after discharge from the hospital ( Butts& amp rich,2018). Henderson states that individuals require assistance to achieve health and independence or a peaceful death along with basic health needs. According to Virgina patient's physiological needs, such as behavioural patterns, can be addressed by the nurse through spiritual counselling. The theory would also be helpful to manage post-traumatic stress disorder. Overall, the theory prepare the patients to face the challenges of life positively. PEER RESPONSE EXPECTATIONS: • "A peer response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion or further enhancing the discussion." • Each peer response MUST have ONE reference with citations (The best source is a peer- reviewed article.) • Peer responses require a "Word count greater than 75 words AND at least five (5) sentences in length" • Statements like "I agree" or great post" do not count towards the word or sentence • References do not count toward the word or sentence • ***" Quotes WILL NOT be allowed in the answers to Peer Replies*** • Appropriate APA formatting for citations and references is required

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