Please write a 3-page reflection paper (1″ margins, 12-pt font, 1.5 line spacing
Please write a 3-page reflection paper (1" margins, 12-pt font, 1.5 line spacing) about how this course has changed the way you think about the Earth. There's no outside research to do...just tell me what topics you've most enjoyed learning about, and why, and how your improved understanding of geology has changed your perspective or your attitude about the Earth. Some possible ideas to pursue in your paper include: Compare what you thought you understood about geology vs. what you now understand. Think about various misconceptions you had about the Earth that have been cleared up. For example, before taking my first geology course, I never really thought much about how mountains are made. After my first course, I came to appreciate that mountain building (like everything else in geology!) is best understood in terms of plate tectonic theory. Discuss how, specifically, plate tectonic theory can be used to make sense of 4 or 5 different topics you've learned about this semester. For example, how can earthquakes, volcanism, the rock cycle, mountain building, and mass movement be explained in terms of plate tectonic theory? Why does geology matter? Discuss your own reasons. My former geology professor, Dr. Doug McDougal, published a book (Links to an external site.) on this topic a few years on the link for ideas 🙂 I emphasize that the above examples are just suggestions. Be creative! I'd like to know why this course has mattered to you. Don't just summarize what you've learned this semester, tell me how what you've learned has changed your perception of our planet. Think of this assignment as sort of like composing a long BLOG post. Try to convince me (your audience) that this course has meant something to you--whatever that looks like for you, personally. How I'll grade this assignment: Full or nearly full credit for a paper that is 3 full pages in length and effectively written, without numerous typos or grammatical mistakes. Partial credit for a paper that is less than 3 full pages or one that is ineffectively written, with numerous typos or grammatical mistakes. Some ideas you can include are plate tectonics and explain on what was so intresting about it, Plate boundaries, Minerals, Igenous rocks, How volacnoes work, Mechanical weathering process, Sedimentary rocks, Metamorphic rocks, Eartquakes,Seismic waves

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