Purpose: The student will construct a personal essay describing what professiona
Purpose: The student will construct a personal essay describing what professional nursing means to them as an individual as he/she nears the end of the pre-licensure education. Professionalism is important in nursing because it ensures that nurses achieve the highest standards of care for their clients. Not only does professionalism help nurses care directly for their clients, but it also helps them work effectively as a part of a team and drives their professional development. Reassessing personal ability to identify strengths and weaknesses, and use them for personal improvement, is a key benefit of the self-reflective process. Student will reflect on past and current nursing role models in consideration of standards set forth in the American Nurses’ Association Code of Ethics, this ASN Program’s stated values in ACES (Accountability, Caring, Excellence, Scholarship), and their own personal experiences to explore their own expectations of becoming a professional nurse at graduation. The essay is a personal one and does not require quotations or references from other work, but rather their own individual thoughts. Objectives: The student will be able to: 1. Develop a sense of self in the role of a professional nurse. (SLO: #3) 2. Assess which personal strengths and weaknesses they possess or which to explore as they enter a new profession. (SLO # 2) 3. Articulate professional nursing standards in comparison to their own values. (SLO: #3) Essay: Students will construct a 4-5 page, double-spaced essay of approximately 2,000-4,000 words regarding the above stated topic in a Word document PDF. 1. Upload essay the “Reflective Essay” drop box in NURS 2650 D2L course by 4.21.22 at 0900. 2. The essay should have a title page and a running head at the top of each page with page numbers to easily identify each student’s work. 3. Use a Times New Roman 12 point font. Double-space. 4. Standard academic grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required. 5. As this is a personal essay, no supporting evidence or references are required and should be kept to a minimum. If the student needs to quote or paraphrase another’s work, an APA 7th ed. References page will be submitted and in-text citation must be utilized. 6. Standard essay format usually includes an introductory paragraph, three or more supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. 7. Content is not subjectively graded as this is personal, reflective essay. Style, presentation, and the ability to communicate written thoughts clearly are graded. 8. A grading rubric for this essay is provided separately outlining expectations and point values. A total of 30 points can be earned towards a course grade.

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