Select a small or medium-sized organization, charities or public service having
Select a small or medium-sized organization, charities or public service having marketing orientation and operation. You can also propose a marketing plan for a new organisation that you would like to develop. Prepare a marketing plan for the organisation using a standard format of a marketing plan (see below). 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1: A one-and-a-half page (maximum) executive summary 1.2: INTRODUCTION 1.2.1 A brief introduction of the company in terms of major product/services and the industry within which the organisation is operating. 1.2.2 The vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the organisation. 2.0 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS 2.1 POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, TECHNOLOGICAL, LEGAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL (PESTLE) ANALYSIS (External Environment) 3.0 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 3.1 An analysis of the target market ( Evaluate possible market segments and justify the choice of your segments) 3.2 An analysis of the competitive environment identifying the main rivals in the market and their positions and major activities (market share, profitability, and marketing mix policies) 4.0 SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) ANALYSIS 4.1 Internal SW (Strengths & weaknesses of the organisation) 4.2 External OT (Opportunities & threats of the organisation) 5.0 MARKETING TACTICS AND STRATEGIES 5.1 Tactics/strategies relating to the marketing mix: 5.1.1 Product/ Service related (core and augmented) tactics 5.1.2 Distribution related (types of the channel of distribution and the argument for selection) 5.1.3 Price related (The types of pricing approaches and their justification) 5.1.4 Promotion/ communication related (selection of promotional mix and why) 5.1.5 Others (e.g. people related, process, physical evidence, marketing ethics etc.) 6.0 EXECUTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLAN 6.1 Setting action plan for execution in terms of time frame (e.g. year 1, year 2 and so on...) 6.2 Designing a control (monitoring) mechanism of the plan. 6.3 Taking appropriate corrective action (if needed) 7.0 CONCLUDING REMARKS INCLUDING RECOMMENDATIONS 8. REFERENCES (Harvard style) and Appendices (if any)

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