The Gig Economy: Alternative work arrangements like part-time employment, subcon
The Gig Economy: Alternative work arrangements like part-time employment, subcontracting, and freelancing have been growing at the expense of full-time employment: A good thing or a bad thing? Is it good for employees? Good for employers? Is it a problem or a solution? Two-page paperEach paper includes a summary and analysis of two articles: one from a popular business publication such as ***IMPORTANT** Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and BBC, and the other from a peer-reviewed academic journal. You're going to write two double-spaced pages in which you'll examine and combine the ideas from both publications. Use APA style for in-text citations and references. You are free to use as many references as you want. After you've finished your annotations, think about how the ideas in both articles may help you write your debate paper and write your two-page analysis based on that. The assignment's two objectives are as follows: Write a brief (2-page) analysis paper that connects the two pieces; consider how your thoughts may be applied to the debate paper and write it accordingly.Additional tips: This assignment is meant to help you build your writing for the final term/team paper by: • Researching the topic and finding suitable academic and practitioners articles • Reading, summarizing, and evaluating the articles • Reflect on whether and how you will use the articles in your final paper. You will therefore write the following for each of the two articles: • Summarize: Some annotations are nothing more than a summary of the source. What are the key points of contention? What purpose does this book or article serve? What are the topics covered? What would you say if someone asked you what this article/book is about? The length of your annotations will determine your summary's level of information. • Evaluate: After summarizing a source, it's good to evaluate it. Is it a good resource? In what ways does it differ from the other sources in your bibliography? Is the information trustworthy? Is this a biased or objective source? What is the source's purpose? • Consider: How a source fits into your study after summarizing and evaluating it. Was this information helpful to you? What role does it play in shaping your argument? How can you incorporate this source into your research? Has it influenced the way you think about your subject?" (OWL at Purdue University: writing/common writing assignments/annotated bibliographies/index.html)

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