Think about a recent situation – (virtual/online communication) focus on two set
Think about a recent situation - (virtual/online communication) focus on two settings: academic and/or workplace - in which (your) behavior was associated with a type of incivility. What if the cause/nature of the incivility was a result of (your) actions? Some examples include but are not limited to: How credible are/were you in terms of managing your time and avoiding procrastination? How credible are/were you in terms of reading/applying instructions to complete your assignments in a timely manner? How credible are/were you in terms of keeping team agreements – reading/applying instructions, group writing, etc.? How credible are/were you in terms of handling difficult conversations? Based on this situation, do the following. Application Exercise: Conduct some research related to how emotional intelligence can hinder effective interpersonal communication. For example - Why is emotional intelligence so important in logical business tasks? During your research- identify (ONE) skill within your declared major- YOU can develop/practice to focus on continuous improvement of your emotional intelligence. Make sure the (ONE) article with your identified skill -can help explain – Why you most want to develop this (skill)? Conducting Business Research - Use *Business Source Complete - Go to W.I. Dykes Library Click Databases - Under Library Databases –Click B-Scroll Down to Business Source Complete –Click and Start your search. Important: Select one article – specific to (your declared business major - use findings from this article to complete the assignment. Information used from the article will serve as your required (one) APA in-text citation and secondary source/Reference. (See Format Information Below) My declared major is General Business. DO NOT use an article over five years old. DO NOT use the course’s textbook as the source. Instructions: After completing the readings, Critical Thinking, and conducting business research, write a professional one-page memorandum using the AIM planning process to develop/explain your findings -apply the requirements below. I. Introduction: Define the topic of the memorandum and/or reason for writing the memorandum. This should include your declared business major, identified (skill), career goals and brief explanation of the (uncivil) situation. II. Body: Explain how the (uncivil) situation (behavior/s) can impact your credibility as a business communicator. Required: As mentioned above: The business research/secondary source (one scholarly journal article) must be related to this topic - specific to your declared business major. Be specific/ discuss how you plan to develop this skill - how in (settings/ academic and/or workplace) the lack of this skill will impact academic and career options - employment prospects/readiness within your declared business major. III. Conclusion: Give a sense of closure or summary. State what was learned or the value of the research to you personally. Remember your professional development is not just a document for a grade in BA 3350; it is a customized plan for improving your business communication skills. Format: APA Style and Memorandum APA Style Citation: Must have one in-text citation in the body of the memorandum. DO NOT use over four lines of the information from the article to complete your in-text citation in the body of the memorandum. You can ONLY cite the article once in the body. DO NOT use the citation multiple times in the body. DO NOT use other citations in the body. Make sure to use APA style to format the in-text citation and reference. *You can review APA formatting (In-Text Citation/Direct Quote and Reference) via the following link: Reference: Must list the secondary source used as your citation - as your Reference. Place the information/source at the bottom of the page. DO NOT key the word Reference- just format and cite the source. If you need a little extra space to list/format your selected source use Times New Roman- font size 10. DO NOT key the Reference on a separate page. Model Document ONE-Page Memorandum: Review the format for the Memorandum in the course textbook- See Appendix B –Figure B.1-Sample Memorandum. Important Reminder- The sample memorandum is for visual and formatting purposes. In reviewing, you should note, the content is not applicable. This means “you” will need to make “applicable” modifications given “your” assignment’s instructions and “your selected content coverage.” Some applicable modifications include but are not limited to the follow. DO NOT include the following: Header (name of company) or Notations: Enclosures or Distribution –DO NOT place the word Memorandum as a header – DO NOT use a template with the word Memorandum at the top of your page. REQUIRED - 1 page (DO NOT Exceed), Apply the following - MARGINS -1 inch (top/bottom and sides), FONT - Times New Roman-Size 12, and FORMAT - Use single space to format the body of each section/paragraph – THEN- Use 1.5 spaces between each section/paragraph (i.e. at the end of section/paragraph one – use 1.5 spaces THEN - go back to using single space for the body of section/paragraph two - at the end of section/paragraph two –use 1.5 spaces-then go back to using single space for the body of section/paragraph 3). DO – Move and Align the Heading (TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT) up (1 inch Top) –this will give you extra space to complete the assignment. To: Dr. Nealy rather than information listed. Make sure to supply applicable- From (Use Your Name of Record (First then Last), Date and Subject (use a descriptive subject line based on the memorandum’s content).

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