This is the last part of the research project, please look at the Literature rev
This is the last part of the research project, please look at the Literature review and scene analysis in order to complete the defend your analysis. • Defend Your Analysis: Hopeful and Dystopia (at least 550 words) This section asks you defend your analysis—is the film hopeful or dystopian—by reflecting on everything that you have analyzed and read for this project. You will describe your reading of the film with the goal of proving an argument that film is hopeful or dystopian. You may use any of the above research if you want but are not required. This is the only section where you may use I and your opinion. Please watch video below to help you This is for the over all research project. Please make sure it is a strong thesis statement. Deliverables • Create thesis statement clearly states why the overall message of the film is hopeful or dystopian • Analyze two key scenes from the film and reference filmic techniques in your analysis • Properly summarize from your texts (both the film and the secondary readings). • Have TWO outside sources that help you defend your thesis o Two sources from the material on Blackboard • Use the Quotation Sandwich for interpreting evidence that requires direct quotes • Use proper Summary Language for evidence that DOES NOT require direct quotes • Write a grammatically clean copy, with no errors. • Create an MLA Works Cited Page • Use proper MLA in-text citation to avoid confusion or plagiarism

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