You are required to prepare a 5-year strategy review to shareholders for evaluat
You are required to prepare a 5-year strategy review to shareholders for evaluating the business simulation activity of a listed (registered) company of your choice. In your report you should cover: - Vision and Strategy (e.g. vision, values, mission, HR, Culture) - Performance review of each year’s progress including: ✓ Competition analysis: Porter’s Five Forces; market choice/ share; competitors; internal capabilities; industry trends/ attractiveness; ✓ Simulation performance results ✓ Performance analysis (evaluation of strategy, decisions – Marketing/ HR/ Logistics / Finance / Product development / Event response - Future Plans and Recommendations (Key decisions for next 5 years, identify any changes to current strategy, why and how to achieve, recommendations based on your performance and analysis, potential growth, internalisation/ diversification or acquisition) - Appendix (include full Business Plan) Further Details: Performance review: o Assess the success of the strategy or strategies compared to industry conditions and competitors o Analyse company performance e.g. comparing actual performance with targets in Business Plan, financial data analysis, decision analysis, and justification of performance measures and strategy, application or business scorecard etc. Performance analysis further details: o Explain why business plan achieves / missed, why performance better/ worse than competitors. o Explain differences from competitors/ industry o Explain any changes made to business plan and company, why, any impact.

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