You are required to prepare a written report on your field project. The report m
You are required to prepare a written report on your field project. The report must provide a profile of Amazon, its strategy, the business area on which your project focused (Business Strategy) and its role within the broader company strategy. The Deep Dive case into a business is the heart and soul of this course. Please put transcript in notes section of slide in order to make it last 5-7 minutes. You are required to make a 5–7-minute presentation slide show of your field project. The presentation should provide a VERY brief overview of the company, its strategy and the role of the business area on which you have focused. You should then detail the business area’s strengths and weaknesses to achieve its strategic objectives as well as your proposed solution for enhancing its capabilities. We will adhere strictly to the 7–10-minute limit so please be sure to rehearse your presentation beforehand. Points will be deducted if your actual presentation time exceeds the allotted time. Consider that you are making your presentation to upper management. Focus your presentation on the essential details. You can refer the audience to more in-depth information in the written report. Remember Storytelling is a good approach to providing an executive management presentation. The presentations will be rapid fire, remember this motto “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”. In addition, students will submit a copy of their slides to the instructor for grading

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