You will need to expand on the research I used to prove My argument in the initi
You will need to expand on the research I used to prove My argument in the initial essay. You may include additional issues if those issues tie into the already existing issue. You may add information about the author and their life. You can use as many of the sources that you used in the initial essay. Those sources will count toward your final count of 7 sources min. You will have only one submission available for this final essay. You need to be sure that the file you submit is the file you want to be graded. Must be 2500 words (not including the Works Cited page or Long Quotes) Must use a total of 7 sources in the paper. The main text from the textbook or the play does count toward your 7 sources Websites such as Wikipedia, SparkNotes, BookRags, endnotes, Schmoop, and the like will not count toward your 7 sources. If you are not sure if a website will count toward the 7 sources, just ask me. You must have a works cited with at least your primary source (Short Story) and the 6 other outside sources listed below. Your primary source (the short story or the play) 1 book 4 articles from the library databases 1 of whatever you want if they are credible sources For a total of 7 sources minimum Your essay must be in 3rd person. Must use MLA format Must have a title Must have a header with last name and page number Must have your name, my name, class, due date Must have 1-inch margins all the way around Must be double-spaced. Must have a works cited page Must have in-text citations The 2500 word minimum does not include your works cited page or any long quotes. Must have a minimum of 7 sources in the works cited. I will also need proof of my writting process

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