1. Your hotel has made considerable profits this year and has good finances. The
1. Your hotel has made considerable profits this year and has good finances. The manager has created an environmental department and wants to clean up its operations and make them more sustainable. Nothing is really sustainable currently so as the new chief of this section, propose ONE strategy that requires considerable upfront investment, but that will yield savings in the long run. You need to sell this idea to hotel decision-makers so make sure you justify what you need to do and how it will benefit the company. (5 points) Answer: maximum 75 words 2. Why does traveling from Canada to a nature reserve in New Zealand for a week of bird watching and living in a tent has a higher ecological (or carbon) footprint than going to an all-inclusive trip in Florida? (5 points) Answer: maximum 75 words 3. There are many types of businesses, industries and organizations that are developing in the context of growing awareness of environmental and sustainability issues. Give one example. What kind of products or services do they deliver? If not a real firm, at least an example of a sector of businesses or a type of organization. (5 points) Answer: maximum 75 words 4. What is ecotourism and its core criteria? Define the concept and provide examples. (5 points) Answer: maximum 100 words 5. Define what shareholders and stakeholders are and explain both positive and negative aspects of stakeholder theory. (5 points) Answer: maximum 100 words 6. By the turn of the 21st century, we realized that city planning had been conducted unsustainably. Name four key principles of SMARTGROWTH that should help transform the way cities are developed in the future (5 points). Answer: maximum 100 words PART 2 Question 1: There are five reasons for increased environmental performance of companies due to regulation. Name them clearly and provide explanations in your own words. (3 points each, 15 points) Answer: maximum 300 words Question 2: The short film “A liter of light” was presented on the last class (video available on April 30 section). Begin by describing the device (and what it does) that is offered as solution and expose the problem that it solves. Then, using the three pillars of sustainable development, explain how this can or cannot be considered a sustainable development initiative. Argue. Alternatively, you can present the Clean cookstove device from the TEDx talk based on the same model. (Full page, 20 points) Answer: maximum 400 words Question 3: You have recently joined the administration council of a business in financial difficulty. Part of this is due to a lack of efficiency. Make some proposals to your council that are in line with green management. (Half page, 10 points) A) Present and define ONE example where firms can generate more profits by increasing their revenues while being “greener”. (5 points) Answer: maximum 150 words B) Present and define one example where firms can generate more profits by decreasing their costs while being “greener”. (5 points) Answer: maximum 150 words Question 4: Name four groups of society, and for each describe at least ONE tangible action (preferably 2) they can take to move towards sustainable development, and provide a real or fictitious example for each group (as long as it is logic and well explained). (Full page, 20 points, 5 each) Answer: maximum 400 words GROUP 1: GROUP 2: GROUP 3: GROUP 4: Question 5: You are the caption editor to a trusted policy magazine. You are writing a story about how sustainable development is becoming a more commonly used concept in the business world. Provide a short statement for the following graph (survey results from www.environmentalleader.com/) to explain the data and interpret its meaning, consequences, and problems with respect to Sustainable development. What’s the story? Give it a punchy Title for the extra busy readership. (5 points) Answer: maximum 150 words ENJOY THE SUMMER!! I expect to get : _

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