As a human resource specialist, it is your job to recruit potential candidates.
As a human resource specialist, it is your job to recruit potential candidates. Lately, you have been hearing rumblings among colleagues at work and other companies that they are having trouble finding qualified employees. Even though algorithms have been used for the past 10 years in weeding out unqualified candidates, you suspect that sometimes applicant tracking systems are not always 100% accurate. Due to events such as COVID 19, your company is finding a hard time filling positions that once were very competitive. To make the hiring process more complicated, when a qualified person does appear, he or she, might have the upper hand in turning down an offer because there are more offers to choose from. In the current state, you face simultaneous problems: finding qualified candidates and persuading said qualified candidates to join your company. Your Task: Pitch a recommendation to your Human Resource Manager that a new approach to the hiring process should be explored. Explain what your ideas are and why hiring templates and applicant tracking systems should be things of the past, not the future. Your analysis must be kept to 2 pages; I will not read beyond this length. Your case study analysis must follow standard formatting: Times New Roman, 12 font, single-spacing. A cover sheet is not required, nor page numbers. Provide a simple title at the top of your first page along with your full name and the deadline date. Use the sub-headings mentioned above to organize your writing; keep in mind that you are not writing an essay, per se, but a business analysis. Voice – no first or second person. Only third person. No Contractions.

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