DO NOT INCLUDE ABSTRACT/ OR COVER PAGE Please answer the following questions W
DO NOT INCLUDE ABSTRACT/ OR COVER PAGE Please answer the following questions What was the study about? - What is the research question they are attempting to answer? - What are some of the important variables? What is the general population that the article is looking at and what sampling method do they use for their representative sample? - Is there anything wrong with how they obtained their respondents? - Were there any limitations in terms of sampling? Does their survey have face and content validity? Why or why not? - Is there anything wrong with how the survey was administered? - Does the article state limits or discuss any ethical issues to using a survey on these respondents? - Did the findings support or contradict the research question? - What were some of the strengths and limitations discussed in the studies findings? - How would you improve this study, if necessary? For your individual study analysis, you will be reading, analyzing, and critiquing a criminal justice article that has been provided to you. Upon doing so, will be able to apply what they have learned in class by answering the questions. In regard to the “overall paper presentation,” it stipulates how I will be analyzing and/or grading the assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to help foster critical thinking skills, develop professional writing skills and promote students to be better consumers of research in their perspective fields. Please feel free to incorporate material from your textbook to further support your responses. Assignment Parameters: For this assignment, you are to answer the following questions. In doing so, will submit a properly formatted paper including the following parameters: APA Format - For exampes of APA formatting, please click on the following:

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