During these unprecedented times, ethical practice is constantly changing—someti
During these unprecedented times, ethical practice is constantly changing—sometimes from hour to hour. After you have viewed the detailed PowerPoint slides on Informed Consent & Competence, reviewed the Nuremberg, Helsinki, and Belmont Codes/Documents, and completed the Reflection Corner for this week, apply what you have learned by completing the following: Initial Post 1. Search the web to find one article that discusses a story in the realm of informed consent in the age of COVID-19. There are multiple articles on new rules for telehealth, ethics boards at hospitals, and other articles on stories such as those about priests or other elderly people giving up their ventilators for a younger person that can serve as the basis for this assignment. NOTE: The article you find does not need to be from a scholarly journal, but should be from a well-regarded source. 2. Based on your reading of the article, identify social work principles related to informed consent and competence as described in this Module's content. Demonstrate your understanding of at least two ideas in the Module's content in a detailed discussion board post. (Initial Post DUE Thursday by 11:59 pm EST.) I DO NOT NEED A FULL PAGE JUST ENOUGH TO ANSWER THE DISCUSSION.

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