Finished Product: 8-10 pages including research and analysis Instructions: 1. Re
Finished Product: 8-10 pages including research and analysis Instructions: 1. Review the website for the International Center for Transitional Justice. If you would like to use another case study beyond what you find on the website, please ask your instructor. Please do not use Northern Ireland as we will look at that case in detail in Week 7. 2. Select an ongoing case study in transitional justice. Research the background and current issues in the problem. a. What methods of transitional justice might be used to understand and solve the problem? Create a research design that will allow the tools of that method to be applied. "Transitional justice consists of both judicial and non-judicial mechanisms, including prosecution initiatives, reparations, truth-seeking, institutional reform, or a combination thereof). Whatever combination is chosen must be in conformity with international legal standards and obligations" (UN Commissioner for Human Rights 2013, n.p.) See also: b. Create these sections for your paper, using subheadings to create sectional divisions: (8-10 pages total not counting a cover sheet, References List, and any appendices with extra information) i. Statement of the problem (about 1/2 page) ii. Background to the problem (about 2-3 pages) iii. Identifiable issues (about 2 pages) iv. Possible solutions (within the context of your selected theory of transitional justice) (about 2 pages) v. Recommendation (1-2 pages) vi. Anticipated outcomes and conclusion (1-2 pages) This assignment is a research essay. Please use at least eight peer-reviewed journal articles in preparing this assignment, especially in writing about the theoretical basis of your solution. You may access peer-reviewed articles from our Library databases. Also, you will need to obtain some current information. Please present your work as a Word document, remembering to double-space. At a minimum, put your name and a title on the paper - but a proper "insert header" with page numbers would be a professional touch to your paper. You do not have to create a cover page but may if you wish.

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