For this essay, you will write a critical analysis over Tim O’Brien’s two pieces
For this essay, you will write a critical analysis over Tim O'Brien's two pieces of literature, "The Man I Killed" and "Good Form." The critical analysis requires the writer to “analyze” and “interpret” the author, his works, and the purpose of this writing. Emotion does not become a part of the model, and the writer (you) will use third-person perspective only to decipher the author’s meaning and purpose (NO FIRST OR SECOND PERSON!). In addition to the author’s purpose, depict what the literature “says” to its readers. Work hand-in-hand with the author’s purpose and what has been identified within the interior of both texts. Keep the analysis simple and think in terms of O'Brien's purpose as it extends to both pieces of war literature as connections to one another. In other words, explain how he used the first piece as a "tool" during one phase of his life and the other piece as an "experience of growth" into another stage of his life. As usual, develop your essay to defend and support the thesis statement (which should be a complex sentence). In addition to the literature you will be analyzing, you will be required to use at least two additional sources to help support your analysis. Requirements: The essay must be 2-3 pages in length (no more than three pages!)—MLA format, 12-pt. Times New Roman, one-inch margins; In addition to the text being analyzed, the essay must exhibit at least two credible sources (from the sources provided to you for your Annotated Bibliography list) that support the thesis statement and the point being made; missing parentheticals or bibliography on the Works Cited page will constitute plagiarism and the essay will receive a grade of zero; The essay must incorporate evidence from the literature. In other words, utilize your chosen literary piece to enhance your essay with evidence that supports your own words; The essay is due on Monday, May 2, and must include complete sources in Works Cited and parenthetical (in-text citation) form.

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