I have posted a Case Study “Obesity and Diabetes” as part of the unit on Quality
I have posted a Case Study "Obesity and Diabetes" as part of the unit on Quality Management (QM), Utilization Management(UM) in Chapter 4 and Accreditation of Managed Care Organizations (MCO's) in Chapter 7 in the textbook. As I mention in the audio lectures, although you may not be the Vice President of Quality Management or in charge of preparing for the accreditation of the MCO, as a Manager it will most often be your responsibility to bring the key players together to assure that the providers/hospitals you contract with are meeting the highest quality standards established by the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) through the HEDIS measures. Meeting quality measures and obtaining NCQA accreditation can give you the MCO you work for a competitive edge when marketing your MCO versus another MCO that has not been accredited. It will also impact the revenues you receive from Medicare, Medicaid and Employers who provide health care benefits to their employees. Please read the case--the background on the rising problem of obesity and diabetes.

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