Instructions The exam is due on/or before Saturday, April 30 (midnight). Please
Instructions The exam is due on/or before Saturday, April 30 (midnight). Please be sure to upload your final and submit in a format that I can read (Word, rtf, PDF). Let me know if you have questions! This will be the last assignment of the course; you cannot submit additional assignments or make-up of any kind once the exam has been submitted. Final Exam The original “background knowledge” probe asked you to evaluate several “agree/disagree” statements. For the final exam (100 points), choose THREE of the statements listed below and write a 300-350-word essay addressing each of your chosen 3 statements (about 1 to 1-1/4 double-spaced pages per question, or 3-4 pages total for the entire exam). In your exam, explain the extent to which you agree or disagree with these statements, and provide specific facts and evidence to support your views. Each of these three “mini-essay” should include several (three to five) specific examples from history, current events, and/or our class readings to support your position. You can draw on all class resources, including the books, articles and Watch & Reports. You can also add outside information from research to support your point of view, although you are not required to do so. An excellent exam will feature lots of specific facts and evidence, but we have plenty to start with in our course. Remember sometimes a quick Google check can pull up a fact or piece of information you are trying to recall. Please cite any new sources in text and at the end of your exam. You can be more informal about course resources, as long you clearly reference the source, e.g. "Joanne's Week 5 Watch & Report on how families face subtle discrimination in the housing market today shows that...." "In Farewell to Manzanar, we saw that....." "The article about maternal health and racism that Dr. Fallon posted in April 10th announcement...." The questions: To what extent do you agree (or disagree) with the statement (s) below? Select 3 of these 6 statements to discuss in your exam. (approximately 33% per question). 1. Discrimination no longer play a major role in American society today. 2. Everybody in America can be successful if they work hard and take advantage of opportunities. 3. Currently, the United States allows too many immigrants to come into the country. 4. English should be the official language of the United States, with all official business conducted in English.. 5. Racism is mostly an issue of the past. 6. Many neighborhoods and schools in the United States today remain segregated by race.

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