Length: 7-8 pages (double-spaced) Citation Format: MLA Document Format: Microsof
Length: 7-8 pages (double-spaced) Citation Format: MLA Document Format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Times New Roman font, size 12pt Your goal in this project is to compose an essay (seven to eight pages in length) in which you make an original argument based on researched evidence. Rubric Exigence: __/23 points The essay clearly explain what’s at stake in your topic, effectively proving that it’s a topic worth arguing about in the first place. (Imagine your reader asking you, “What’s the problem you’re trying to solve with this paper? Why tackle this problem now?”) Logos: __/23 points The essay should be logically organized and develop in a way that supports the initial claim in the thesis statement. Each paragraph (or section of paragraphs) should be clearly identified by a topic sentence(s). Overall, the paper should flow well with good transitions Ethos: __/23 points The essay should cite at least seven sources, five of which must be scholarly or peer-reviewed in nature. Pathos (or, Audience): __/23 points The paper demonstrates a recognition of, and persuasively appeals to and/or manages, the emotions of the target audience. By “managing” the emotions of your target audience, I mean, for example, that if you’re dealing with a topic to which people tend to have strong and possibly polarizing knee-jerk emotional responses, your challenge is to keep the reader cool-headed and open to your alternative viewpoint without being immediately turned off. Clarity, MLA formatting, and proofreading: __/8 points Paper should be clearly written and should abide by MLA formatting rules.

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