Mandatory Requirements: 1. The paper must be 2 pages in length-nothing less and
Mandatory Requirements: 1. The paper must be 2 pages in length-nothing less and the title page does not count as one 2. Must be APA format uide/general_format.html 3. No abstract is required for this paper. A Title page is required to include-Your Name, Course, Date, and the two episodes you chose 4. The paper must be numbered 5. Do not need a running header other than page number 6. The paper must be 12 points font-single spaced See video link in week 12 for even more clarification Instructions: 1. Visit 2. Do not use one long paragraph-must be broken into below sections: 3. Begin with an Intro paragraph that discusses the history and background of Ear Hustle 4. The body of the essay needs to have a paragraph or two for each episode at minimum explaining the details of the episode/issue/topic (LISTEN to the tab on the top menu and use arrow buttons to see all episodes for each season and choose from the titles/descriptions that you find most interesting) 5. The body of the essay will then have a paragraph comparing the two episodes you chose 6. The conclusion will wrap up your findings and give your opinion/thoughts/reactions to what you researched 7. This is a scholarly paper- use proper grammar and punctuation For this short essay of no less than 2 pages, you will visit the Ear Hustle Website and choose two Podcasts to listen to in their entirety and then write an opinion piece explaining and comparing the two. You will need to follow the instructions and mandatory expectations below for full credit. There are 9 seasons of the Ear Hustle Podcast for you to choose from. Three from strictly behind the walls of San Quentin Prison in California and six from both inside and outside. You will choose 1 from each type to compare (so seasons 1-3 for inside and seasons 4-9 for both). The point of choosing one from each is to compare and contrast those behind bars stories and issues to those of recently released stories and issues post-release which are both points we discuss throughout the course. This course discusses Current Issues in our corrections systems and this podcast touches on important issues in and out of the system. We have discussed points made on issues while incarcerated the struggle after release and the “Revolving Door”.

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