Please rewrite so it makes sense. Thank you Instructions: For the purposes of t
Please rewrite so it makes sense. Thank you Instructions: For the purposes of this assignment, you should identify and analyze ethical issues in the policy, identify the potential ethical implications the public program or policy initiative has or will have on impacted groups (including their positive and negative outcomes), suggest alternatives, and as the public administrator responsible for the policy, recommend a pathway forward. The most important thing is to be able to discuss the ethical implications of the public policy rather than your opinion regarding the validity of issues presented. For example, you might disagree with the practice of euthanasia; however, you should still be able to discuss potential positive and negative outcomes of it, as well as relevant ethical issues associated with its implementation. The midterm will be a 6-8 page paper (Times new roman, 12pt double-spaced font and normal margins). It accounts for 20% of your overall course grade. You should demonstrate a solid knowledge of ethics concepts and ethical thinking approaches covered to date in the course, as well as an ability to use the relevant literature for analyzing ethics issues and supporting your statements. The essay will only require knowledge of in-class materials and readings, but you are welcome to conduct additional research and utilize other sources as needed. As part of the substantive discussion of the policy, your midterm paper should include: a description of the policy issue and major themes covered in it; a description of different groups of the public affected by the policy and the implications for these groups; an analysis of the ethical issues concerning the policy; an evaluation of potential alternatives, and, as the public administrator responsible for the implementation of the policy, a recommended pathway forward. A good paper will successfully engage with ethical thinking frameworks and the historic traditions discussed in class, as well as such key ethics concepts as public values and public interest, ethical leadership and personal integrity, professional ethical standards, and individual responsibility, etc., as part of the identification and analysis of ethical issues. A great paper will supplement such analysis by your personal judgment of the situation and recommendations regarding dealing with the ethical challenges presented.

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