Reflective writing is defined as a description of thoughts and feelings about wh
Reflective writing is defined as a description of thoughts and feelings about what has happened in a significant patient care experience (Kennison & Misselwitz, 2002). For the purposes of this writing, we will reflect upon the impact of learning about the history of nursing in this course upon your unique philosophy of nursing practice. Examination of nursing practice is foundational to all aspects of the roles of nursing by self-evaluation and reflective practice. Practitioners of nursing must analyze, evaluate, and revise knowledge based upon personal understandings of practice. As noted through historical narratives and analysis of societal influences throughout time, it can be ascertained that while the practice of nursing has changed in terms of psychomotor skills, theories for practice and roles, perhaps the fundamental premises of nursing—caring and compassion—has remained a constant underlying aspect for practice. Kennison, M. & Misselwitz, S. (2002). Evaluating reflective writing for appropriateness, fairness, and consistency. Nursing Education Perspectives, 23(5), 238-242. Provide a posting regarding your perceptions of changes in the way you view nursing having completed readings and participation in this course. Please provide specific examples as well as discussion regarding to caring and compassion in your original posting and response to a peer. Topics to be discussed: Nursing shortage, burn-out, unsafe assignments

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