Scenario: Your organization is planning on acquiring new equipment for patient t
Scenario: Your organization is planning on acquiring new equipment for patient transport. As a nurse leader in the organization, you were appointed to head up a task force composed of an interdisciplinary team that will guide this purchase. The first step in creating this task force is to put together a draft of a team charter. Prompt: Create a team charter using the uploaded template to detail the purpose, composition, processes, and deliverables for this task force related to the above scenario. Provide specific evidence from at least one scholarly source to support your claims. Specifically, you must include the following rubric criteria: Describe the purpose and vision. Describe the specific purpose and vision for creating this task force. Provide rationale for your description. Select the team. Describe the team composition. Include the following details: Describe the qualities, skills, and knowledge needed within the team to produce an effective outcome. Determine who would be best suited for this task force. Provide rationale for the team selection. Include the following details: Discuss why the selected team members would best fit this task force. Explain how the concepts of DEI are considered when selecting the team members. Establish team processes and norms. Describe the team rules and expected behaviors. Include the following details: Establish structural norms for the task force meetings, specifically including: Meeting scheduling Agenda creation Team minutes Identify the expected behaviors of the task force. Include the following details: Discuss how members of the team act upon the roles and responsibilities identified. Describe the decision-making process. Explain the rationale for establishing the specific rules and behaviors. Describe the anticipated outcome. Discuss how to determine if the goal was met. Include the following details: Identify what type of data you would need to collect. Determine what evidence will inform task force success. Provide rationale for: The outcome determined for the task force The measurements determined for evaluating the outcome

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