Social Institutions Social institutions are patterned ways of solving the proble
Social Institutions Social institutions are patterned ways of solving the problems and meeting the requirements of a particular society. These social institutions may assist or deter people in achieving or maintaining their well-being. 1 a) In the following case study, identify the problems and/or concerns and/or needs. (4 points—one page). Rubric: One point will be deducted for each page in excess of the limit. b) Identify the case study with three systems in social institutions: ♦ The Meza family represents both multigeneration and cross-cultural family structures in the U.S. Define the traditional Mexican culture and cross-cultural family system in the U.S., and analyze pros and cons of cross- cultural family members’ cultural integration and ethnic identity development while living in the U.S. ♦ The Meza family is a mixed status family where Mr. Meza and his children are U.S. citizens, but Mrs. Meza is an undocumented person in the U.S. Analyze how the U.S. health care system may assist or deter each Meza family member? ♦ As a mixed status family, how the social welfare system in the U.S. assists or deters the needs of the Meza family in the U.S. In other words, based on the Meza family’s economic and legal situation, how would the welfare program promote or deter the Meza family? Introduction should be a short paragraph and reframe the use of external resources in the introduction. Analysis: Support your analysis with relevant external resources. Use at least 8 outside resources in this section. Each system should be addressed in 3 pages and each system is worth 9 points (total of 27 points). Paper should be a total of nine pages in this section. Three points deduction for each page in excess. 2. Based on the understanding of the roles/functions of the above systems, develop a hypothetical intervention or treatment plan for the Meza family both for the micro and macro level interventions (9 points: 5 points for the micro and the other 4 points for the macro intervention). Treatment page should not exceed two pages. Writer can use 2 outside resources in this section. __________________________________________________________________________ The papers will be evaluated on the basis of content, writing style (including organization, clarity, grammar, and punctuation) and timeliness of submission. While citations should be sufficient enough, they must not outdo the student’s own ideas and critical thinking. Requirements: The paper must meet the following requirements: No abstract. Type the paper. 23 Double-space throughout, leaving a one-inch margin on all sides. Use an easily readable font such as Palatino, Courier, or Times New Roman, in 12-point size. Use appropriate section headings. The required writing style is that of the American Psychological Association (APA) Publications Manual (6th edition). Incorrect usage of the APA format: 1 point will be deducted Beside the text book, use/refer to a minimum of 10 sources (at least seven of which should be articles from peer-reviewed journals) for the final assignment. The articles from journals should be within the last 5 years. Required References: .5 will be deducted for each missing item, e.g. If ten references are required and only eight are given, one full point will be deducted. Miss-matched references: If a reference is used in the body of the paper, but is not on the reference list or, if a reference is on the list, but is not used in the body of the paper, two full points will be deducted. Final assignment should be 12 pages without the cover page and the reference page(s).

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