Stressors and Health throughout the Semester (25%) You are to reflect and presen
Stressors and Health throughout the Semester (25%) You are to reflect and present the various stresses you may have experienced during the semester. Gauge how stressful the event or situation was. Identify what type of stressor it is. Review your health. Questions like: “How stressful was it for me?”; “Did it change anything in me?”; “How was my physical health during that time?” It is not expected that the student identify and analyze every single stressor they may have experienced, but the general ones or the more salient ones. It may be difficult to describe the stressors involved when you were hungry that one day back in September. But what if you were hungry, lacked sleep, car malfunction, late to class and were taking a test that day. Now that is an event full of stress. Analyze things like what was your health like at this time. How were you functioning socially, intellectually, spiritually and biologically? Did you end up getting sick shortly after, were you sick during the moment you wrote this? The basic questions to answer here are: (1) Where was the stress coming from?; (2) How much did it affect you?; and (3) How was your health? Your Stress Coping Strategies (25%) In this second section, the student is expected to describe how they are currently dealing with their stress. How do you reduce stress when it starts increasing? Some strategies you may not think about are that you vent to your sibling or significant other. Maybe you play games on your phone. Take a look at what you are doing. Ask yourself, “Is this effective?” It could be that you tell yourself, “You got this.” Little things like that can make a big difference. Maybe you project your stress onto something else, like playing video games? You could go out for drinks with your friends on Friday. Whatever the case may be, you should describe how your stress is after utilizing your strategies. You might find out that you are actually adding to your stressors. Future Coping Strategies (25%) Now that you have reviewed what makes you stressed and how you currently deal with stress, write about how you might better deal with this. What are some strategies you would like to try to engage in? Do you think this will benefit you more than your current strategies? Try to explain a plan to engage in this activity. If you choose to start exercising, then explain how you fit this into your schedule. Also explain, why it would work for you. What about the managing strategy do you think will best help you or relate to you? Along with expressing wanting to use this strategy, provide some evidence. Do a little research and point out some facts about this strategy. If you choose to try yoga, explain and provide some evidence that yoga works. It is not expected you find 10+ sources, but just a couple to show that the strategy may work. You are required to have at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles used for this section. The article support must be used to support future coping strategies, not ones you already employ.

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