TASK: A 5 to 7 page research paper presenting an argument about the subject wit
TASK: A 5 to 7 page research paper presenting an argument about the subject within your profession that you have selected. You must take a stand on the issue and refute the opposition, using at least 3 sources from your A3 as evidence in this paper. You are required to cite 5 sources at least 2 times each, first using one direct quotation, then using one paraphrase from each. The paper must be a full 5 pages with the works cited appearing on page 6 and rhetorical contexts appearing on page 7 to achieve the minimum standard for length. You will not pass this class if you do not earn at least a C on this paper. Your A4 topic must be the same as your A3 topic, and A4 must use 3 sources from A3 as evidence. You should refrain from quoting material in either the introduction or conclusion paragraph. Also do not begin or end a paragraph with cited material. Make sure none of your quoted material is longer than four lines, including the parenthetical citation. Include the following sections in your paper: Introduction (Provide background and focus of your research; present your thesis statement taking an appropriate stand on the issue; and include explanation what should be known about the subject—your research problem or question. Quote nothing in the introduction.) Review of the Literature (This is the body of the research paper where you integrate directly quoted material from your sources to show what you have learned about your problem or question. You are required to directly quote and paraphrase five different sources at least two times each in your paper. After initially quoting the source, you are also required to paraphrase different evidence from each source one time. You will not paraphrase what you have already quoted. Provide appropriate brief quotations and paraphrases with parenthetical documentation. When first using a source, introduce the author and his/her credentials in your sentence before quoting the source. You may not paraphrase a source before first quoting it. After initially citing a source, you will refer to the author in your sentences by last name only, or you may fluidly integrate selected material and place the author’s last name with page number, if available, in the parenthetical reference immediately following the quotation. Quotations should be thoroughly analyzed by you. No more than one-third of the material in your paper should be taken from your sources.) Results and Analysis (Explain how the evidence helps to support your argument. Consider any contradictions or inconsistencies. Address the opposition's counterargument fairly. Do not quote sources in this section, but thoroughly review the implications of your evidence. This section should be one well-developed paragraph summarizing your evidence prior to your conclusion.) Conclusions: Broad Implications (What impact does/or should this research have on your audience? What conclusions can you draw based on your research? What action do you want your audience to take with this issue? Provide appropriate logical, ethical, and/or emotional appeals. Bring your argument home with a closing hook.) Works Cited: Insert a page break before this page. (Follow all MLA guidelines for this page. Do not copy your annotated bibliography here. Include citations for only the works you directly quoted. Remember, you must use at least 5 sources.) Rhetorical Context: Insert a page break before this page. The last page of the assignment must include a one page rhetorical context including a ten sentence audience analysis, the subject that focuses on the issue, and the purpose that presents your arguable claim. You may copy this from your A3 proposal.

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