Teaching Plan Topic: Reduce the annual number of new cases of diagnosed diabete
Teaching Plan Topic: Reduce the annual number of new cases of diagnosed diabetes in adults ages 18 and over. Directions: Students will develop a teaching plan for a select target audience on a relevant health issue from Healthy People 2020.Links to an external site. The topic for this paper was submitted in Module 3. The topic should be focused on health promotion, or prevention, not disease or illness Projects Required Headings and Content: Introduction - Brief paragraph about the topic and why the topic is important to learn about. Audience - Determination of audience (individual patient, family or community). Purpose and Goals - Purpose and goals of the teaching plan. Assessment - Assessment of learning needs and learning environment. Learning Objectives - Identify at least three learning objectives. Teaching Strategy - Utilize at least two teaching strategies and support use with rationales/evidence. Instructional Materials - Utilize at least two instructional materials and support how they enhance the chosen teaching strategies. Evaluation of Learning - Determine evaluation method for appraising audience learning and effectiveness of teaching plan (eg. a quiz, a paper, a presentation, a game?) Utilize a total of 3 resources with at least two of which are peer-reviewed, scholarly resources to support teaching plan. The paper must conform to APA format. Maximum 5-6 pages (excluding title page and reference page). Abstract on seperate page must include. Learning Objectives have to have to use Bloom's Taxonomy to write the learning ibjective and explain what the the student (patient) should be able to do at the end. Link to Bloom's Taxonomy: https://tips.uark.edu/using-blooms-taxonomy/ Files to the course textbook Chapters 11 and 12 are listed in the files that will help you choose the Teaching strategies. I have also attached the rubic for this paper. Please pay attention to the Announcements made by the Professor. Please pay attention to layout not to lose point All HEADINGS are CENTERED - at this point in the term if not followed- I will take off maximum points if not followed THIS PAPER HAS AN ABSTRACT - abstract is always a separate page THE BODY OF PAPER IS 5-6 FULL PAGES NOT COUNTING TITLE PAGE, ABSTRACT OR REFERENCE PAGE-no less then 5 full pages PAPER MUST BE IN APA FORMAT The layout is as follows: TITLE PAGE-separate page ABSTRACT-separate page INTRODUCTION AUDIENCE PURPOSE AND GOALS ASSESSMENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES TEACHING STRATEGIES INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS EVALUATION OF LEARNING REFERENCES- separate page - NO LESS THEN 3

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