Term Paper Instructions The final paper should be 6-8 pages, double-spaced, in
Term Paper Instructions The final paper should be 6-8 pages, double-spaced, in 12pt Times New Roman (or a similarly legible) font. The page count does not include your title page, abstract, or your references – it’s 6-8 pages of text! You can write a longer paper if you like, but the max is 10 pages. I recommend writing a traditional term paper for this class, especially if you haven't written one for psychology before. However, if you've written a lot of papers already or you know you struggle with writing literature reviews, there's an alternate assignment you can do. Instead of a 6-8 page paper, you can create a ~15 minute presentation! The idea is that you're teaching someone else the same information they would've learned from reading your paper. So you can do the paper or do a presentation instead. Watch out for plagiarism! If your paper or presentation includes any quotes from your sources without quotation marks and an in-text citation, or any images or figures without an in-text citation, you will automatically receive a 0 on this assignment. Check your Turnitin report after you've submitted your files. If you have any sections where you accidentally quoted an article without using quotation marks or didn't paraphrase well enough, you can fix that and reupload. If you're doing a presentation, y'all are encouraged to use images, reasonable animations, and graphs/figures from your journal articles, but you MUST provide citations for any images or figures you include. (No references needed for images - just the in-text citation!) Organizing Your Assignment: Your paper or PowerPoint should consist of, in order: Title page Abstract: include multiple in-text citations. *If you're doing a presentation, this should be submitted as a SEPARATE DOCUMENT. Introduction: explain what your topic is (including some background information) and why your topic is important to talk about. At least 1 full page or slide. Body of your paper, split up into at least 2 separate sections: the 3-6 “main points” of your paper. In an argumentative paper, you’ll be presenting all of the aspects of your argument as well as addressing counterarguments. In a descriptive paper, you’ll be describing research findings from journal articles and discussing their implications. In a presentation, your slides should be summaries that you expand on in the presentation itself. Think about my lecture PowerPoints! This section is 4-6.5 pages or 3-10 slides. Discussion: summarize the conclusion that you come to in your paper: either how you’ve established your argument or what the primary implications of your paper are. In this section, you can also cover what future research needs to be done in this area and how the information in this paper can be used to benefit society. At least ½ page or 1 slide. References: minimum of 6 sources that are articles published in academic journals. 4 of these need to be primary sources (i.e., not reviews) published in the last 50 years, but your other articles been reviews or discussions is fine. You’re welcome to have extra sources like news articles, etc. These should be ordered alphabetically by the first author's last names. The sections of your paper need to be clearly labelled following APA formatting. Check out the example papers, which also show correctly used sections and references. If you're doing a presentation, that ALSO needs to follow APA formatting. You do still need to use quotation marks and in-text citations in a PowerPoint. Check out the example PowerPoint.

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