the reasech will be on Great white sharks You will complete a 2 page minimum do
the reasech will be on Great white sharks You will complete a 2 page minimum double spaced research paper on your animal. ● It must be typed. Word doc, google doc, or pdf are the only acceptable file types for submission. ● Size 12 font new times roman ● You will be graded on content, format (MLA or APA), and neatness. ● You can find the rubric for it at the end of this document. ● It must include: ○ Report cover (not included in page minimum) including: Title, name, period, date ○ Your animal’s scientific name ○ Your animal’s species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, and domain ○ Are they an Endangered species? Why or why not? If so, what is being done to protect them? ○ Reproduction: how do they reproduce? Asexually? Sexually? Do they lay eggs, give birth, etc. ○ A description of your animal’s habitat. Where in the world does it live? What is the climate like? What abiotic/biotic factors are in the ecosystem? ○ Your animal’s place in its ecosystem food web/trophic level. What does it eat? Is it autotrophic? Heterotrophic? A primary producer? Consumer? Is it prey to something else? Is it a predator? ○ Any adaptations specific to its phylum. Does it have a backbone? Exoskeleton? How does this adaptation help the animal? ○ 5 interesting facts ○ Picture of your animal (at least one) (should not take up a whole page) ○ A bibliography or works cited page. Wikipedia is not a source you can credit. However, there may be some sources within the wikipedia article that you CAN cite.

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