There are 6 articles. I just need one paragraph which gives an overall summary o
There are 6 articles. I just need one paragraph which gives an overall summary of the aricle and one paragraph that summarizes a paritcular section in the article (any). I need these for EACH article that I will provide. Here are the articles: Leshem, Rotem, et al. "Processing of Emotions in Speech in Forensic Patients With Schizophrenia: Impairments in Identification, Selective Attention, and Integration of Speech Channels." Frontiers in Psychiatry 11 (2020): 1227. Mitchell, Rachel LC, and Tim J. Crow. "Right hemisphere language functions and schizophrenia: the forgotten hemisphere?." Brain 128.5 (2005): 963-978. Zamil, A. A. A., Hasan, S., Baki, S. M. J., Adam, J. M., & Zaman, I. (2019, January). Emotion detection from speech signals using a voting mechanism on classified frames. In 2019 International Conference on Robotics, Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques (CREST) (pp. 281-285). IEEE. Nuttall, H. E., Kennedy-Higgins, D., Devlin, J. T., & Adank, P. (2018). Modulation of intra-and inter-hemispheric connectivity between primary and premotor cortex during speech perception. Brain and Language, 187, 74-82. Symon, B. D. (2018). A Reductionistic Epistemology utilizing Brain Laterality which Investigates Pharmacists' Ideal Interactive Environment. Gainotti, G. (2021). Is There a Causal Link between the Left Lateralization of Language and Other Brain Asymmetries? A Review of Data Gathered in Patients with Focal Brain Lesions. Brain Sciences, 11(12), 1644.

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