Watch the following film called “Women’s Kingdom” and address the following ques
Watch the following film called “Women’s Kingdom” and address the following questions in full sentences: or 1. Briefly describe the Musou culture in comparison with dominant or “mainstream” American culture. In particular, discuss how Mosou norms regarding gender, sexuality, marriage, and childrearing differ from those in the US. Provide a definition of "norm" and give examples of 2 norms from Mosou and two from mainstream US culture. 2. How do these differences reflect differences in values? What do the Mosou value? What is valued in the US? 3. How have the lives of Mosou changed with the advent of modern technology, tourism, and globalization? How do you think these changes affect gender roles and relationships in this culture? What do you imagine for the future of the Mosou culture? 4. Next, turn to the question of gender roles in your own culture. By “your own culture” I mean that you could discuss “mainstream” American culture, or, if you are a member of an Ethnic or religious subculture, you could discuss gender in relation to that culture. What kinds of norms and values regarding gender and family have you learned from your culture? 5. What social institutions have been most important in your “gender socialization” (i.e. family, the media, Church)? Have these institutions at times presented contradictory messages about gender?

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