Write a 3 – 5 page paper (NOT including the title or references page!) in which
Write a 3 - 5 page paper (NOT including the title or references page!) in which you analyze and evaluate the pros and cons of 2 different nutrition plans (Example: Paleo, Whole30, Atkins, 5:2, Ketogenic, Macrobiotic, Mediterranean, South Beach, Vegan, Weight Watchers, Zone, Vegetarian, etc.). Compare and contrast the 2 nutrition plans based on scientific research in relation to incidence of chronic disease (stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer), longevity, and overall health and wellness. Based on your findings, which of the 2 nutrition plans would you recommend & why? Explain, Be Specific Your entire paper should be in APA format (Essay Format) (See APA Guidelines in the module for details); double spaced, font color – black, font size – 12, font style – Time New Roman, with a cover page, and References page in APA format. Include an introduction paragraph, body, and a conclusion paragraph. A minimum of 3 references must be used (Websites, Journal Articles, Textbook). Note: Quotes should RARELY be used in formal papers if ever! Some of the basics to remember when writing a formal paper: 1) Proper grammar and punctuation 2) Include an introduction and conclusion paragraph 3) Indent paragraphs 4) First sentence of the paragraph should be the topic of the paragraph 5) Paragraphs should be a minimum of 3-to-4 well thought out and constructed sentences 6) Cite material if it needs to be cited 7) Paper has a clear organization and flow 8) Refrain from using direct quotes 9) Do not use "I" 10) Do not start sentences with “Because” 11) Try not to use the word "that" if you can help it as it's over used 12) Do not over use commas when they are not necessary as this is a very common error. 13) Do not say, "Based on studies and/or research" without citing the specific studies or research.

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