You will conduct a literature review on a selected topic, and write a formal “te
You will conduct a literature review on a selected topic, and write a formal "term paper" report. Topic chosen: Integrated Supply Chain Brief overview: Aerospace companies are facing myriad challenges from rising costs to talent shortages, as well as new competitors and a shifting industry landscape, making them increasingly conscious of the need to work differently. Aerospace manufacturers can take advantage of extended enterprise thinking and achieve a competitive edge through multi-firm collaborations. Question: How does the concept of extended enterprise affect (negative and positive) the aerospace supply chain network? Your paper will be a review of current research literature – articles published within the past six years – about how the logistics area you select is applied and managed in the aviation and aerospace industry. You will compare and contrast the current research findings with the principles and concepts presented in the Bowersox, et al. textbook. All reference sources should be from academic journals, professional trade publications, and respected business or industry magazines. Limit the use of books as sources. Do NOT use articles or sources from any of the following: Wikipedia, newspapers, blogs, press releases, online white papers, commercial websites, advertising or marketing materials or online sites, personal essays, private organizational opinions or non-verified "research" reports. More detailed instructions and information are in the attached file.

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