Your essay must contain the following components: 1) Executive Summary (aka, the
Your essay must contain the following components: 1) Executive Summary (aka, the introduction) – An umbrella statement of your case and summary of the entire proposal. 2) Background & Rationale/Statement of Need – An explanation of the community that will be served by this projectand why this project is necessary. This would be a good place to include primary sources such as interviews of the community—gauges of what the community would think of such a project. This would also be a good place for secondary sourcesdemonstrating how similar projects had success. Why is this community particularly well suited to implement this project? Let’s say you want to provide free art classes for seniors experiencing dementia in living facilities. You could research the benefits of art therapy for the treatment of dementia and provide the results of that research in your essay as a positive argument for your project idea. Let’s say you want to provide free computer coding classes to at-risk youth. You could research other types of programs that are similar and discuss how effective these programs. Let’s say you want to provide a clean-up service for trash along the coastlines. You could research the effects on wildlife and marine sustainability. If there is a topic you are interested in, this is your opportunity to learn more about it in a constructive project-focusedresearch-based manner. 3) Program Objectives – what is the purpose of your intervention? Be specific about the types of outcomes you want to achieve! 4) Project Description – What methods will you be using to implement your project? This should be the nuts and bolts of how the project will be implemented, and how it will be evaluated. Here is where you can use sources to show that other similar projects used similar methods with success. 5) Budget - financial description of the project plus explanatory notes. 6) Discussion – What are the anticipated challenges and opportunities that will confront this program? How feasible and sustainable is this program? What are the implications for future work? 7) Conclusion - summary of the proposal's main points. FORMAT & SOURCES: Your essay must be in MLA format, 4-5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font. You must integrate AT LEAST FIVE OUTSIDE SOURCES. One of those sources MUST be primary which means YOU did the data collection yourself. Three of the sources must come from the Library Database, and two (of those three) must come from Peer-Reviewed Journals.

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